MUDr.Tibor Csóka

MUDr. Csóka Tibor

I was born on the 27th March 1970 in Dunajska Streda. I attended primary and secondary school at my hometown. I completed my graduation study of medicine at Charles University – branch Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic (Military Medical Academy of J.E. Purkyně in Hradec Kralove). As a graduate,  I started to work at Internal department of the 1st degree of NsP (a hospital with health center)  in Dunajska Streda in September 1997. During postgraduate study, I carried out attestation from the internal department  of the 1st degree in 2000 and in 2004;  I obtained specialization at clinical oncology.Since than I’ve been working as an independent oncology specialist at Oncological outpatient department,  Health center of NsP in Dunajska Streda.

My professional experience in the area of reflexology and iridology were gained in the Czech Republic. I’m certified masseur in the Slovak Republic; fundamentals of ostheopathy and psychotronics I gained in the Republic of Hungary. I have been dealing with the biologic holistic cancer treatment since 2006. At the same year, I took the course with Beata Bishop, a course of biological cancer treatment from Max Gerson. I am a keen student of German new medicine of Dr. Dirk Hammer. As to quantum medicine and diagnostic therapeutic methods of biopol quantum of human body, I’ve been dealing with them for the last two years.

In 2005, we, I together with our coworkers established a non-profit civic organization named Žitnoostrovska Oncological initiative which main task was to build regional oncological center successfully completed in 2009; further support of education in complementary medicine and in the sphere of biological holistic cancer treatment, continuous educational activity of public as to the basic knowledge about the cancer, diagnostic andtherapeutical possibilities in the sphere of modern oncology.

After my regular working hours at the Oncological outpatient department, I’ve been also working in Health center Turul in Dunajska Streda where holistic diagnosis of oncological and non-oncological pacients take place. According to gathered health information I am able to set for my clients tailor- made individual therapeutic plan and consequently also check the course of treatment. We get from modern instrument technics, complete information of the current health status of our clients.Iridiological analysis of eye irides gives us an individual's genetic constitution, strong and weak sides of client’s physical body and actual status of particular organ systems. Method of electrointerstitial scan of the whole body is a modern non-invasive diagnostic technique which help us with the assistance of direct current, to examine intercellular space of individual tissues, shows the occurrence of acute or chronic inflammation, acid-base balance and the presence of free radicals of that compartment.

For live blood analysis, we take from the patient a drop of capillary blood and during its immediate analysis we receive valuable information on the condition of gastrointestinal tract and primary detoxication organs; such as liver, kidneys and on actual state of inner environment.

Similar information are revealed to us also by visual diagnostics of face and tongue. For us, their analysis confirms the definite diagnose. The examination of the particular structure of quantum biopol of human body according so called NES diagnoses also opens tremendous opportunities of diagnosis - through the eyes of invisibles - subtle substance parts of micro cosmic system of the client. With this diagnostic instrument equipment, we are able to monitor any therapeutic modul in a group of oncological patients (chemotherapy, targeted molecular cancer treatment, biological holistic medical treatment such as CoD system by prof. David, complex treatment system of Dr. Max Gerson and so on), but also non-oncological patients suffering from so called chronic degenerative diseases, the academic medicine is helpless about.