CoDTM Capsula

Capsula CoDTM - Strength of South American rainforest


A nutrition supplement Capsule CoDTM is a new product of high quality based on two milleniums experience of existing natural healing prepared from active substances combined in a unique way.

Out of this combination based on 25 years of practical use and accompanyinng research work, the extract with the effect 3:1

detoxifies + vitalizes + regenerates = 3 effects = capsule CoDTM

Capsula guarantees, stimulates and regenerates healthy metabolism of cells.

  • regeneration at different difficulties due to weakness of the immune system
  • revitalization of chronic fatigue, dizziness and lack of energy
  • detoxication (f.e. at the excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, at bad regime, stress, continuous use of medications, radiation stress, etc.

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Drop of prevention is worth litre of medicine.
(Lucy Maud Montgomeryová)


CoDTM tea - Power of rainforests



Special tea CoDTM and Targeted Dietary System

Assistance offered by nature in case of diseases such as Cancer,flew type A, hepatitis C, wekened immunity and Chroinic degenerative diseases.

Tea and the related system of formulas detoxifies the body and changes lifestyle in a positive direction. Tea CoD is 100% natural herbal extract coming from South America which consist of several substances such as Cat’s claw(Uncaria tomentosa) and Lapacho (Tabebuia avellanedae).

Cat’s claw has its origin in Peru. It is an exotic herb which was among the first allowed to strengthen immunity. Cat’s claw also stands as s subject of international experiments within which also other effects of this herb Lapacho according to indigenous South American Indians called the "tree of life" and the "tree of the gods." Both plants show its positive effects mainly in the form of tea.

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CoDTM VITAL-PLUS 60 x 5.0 grams

Nutritional supplement with content


Vitamins are essential substances for human organism.

We have to receive their adequate amount to the organism from external sources by eating. Balanced, adequately varied food even in spite of providing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for the body, biologically valuable substances respectively unfortunately our natural diet often doesn’t correspond with it.

That’s why it may be justifiable and necessary to supplement vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. It is mainly important to people of advanced age, those whosuffer from diseases, people with bad eating habits, those performing hard manual work, those leading life full of stress, smoke, use of alcohol use or other means of addiction.

Antioxidants contribute to elimination of negative, oxidation processes (aging in cells) in our body. They are important for body imunity while maintaining our health.

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