CoD Center

Services of CoD center in Slovakia:

  • complete holistic diagnosis of oncological and non-oncological patients z
    • personal history and complete physical examination
    • visual face and tongue diagnosis according to the reflexological body zones
    • electrointersticial somatography (EIS) examining intercellular space of tissues
    • NES (nutrienergetic systém) examining quantum biofield of human body
    • complete iridological analyses of eye irides
    • live analysis of capillary blood according to Dr.Enderleina’smethod  (dark field microscopy)
  • biological holistic cancer treatment according to COD protocol special Tea CoD and Targeted dietary system
  • detailed education of our clients on the possibilities of prevention and treatment so called chronic and degenerative diseases
  • telephone consultation on the territory of the whole Slovak Republic (every Thursday from 3 p.m. till 5 p.m.)

Personal consultations and counselling in the area of holistic diagnosis is carried by MUDr.TiborCsóka.

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