"Health is good we don’t know about until we lose it.”


We  welcome you cordially at our company’s web siteprimarily devoted to alternative medicine, natural healing, healthy nutrition and regime with particular focus on nutritional products: tea blend CoD TMvitamins CoDTM – Vital Plus and Targeted dietary system.

Developed system uses healing power of rainforest plants, ensures significant strengthening of body’s immunity presents efficient aid provided by nature in case of InfluenzaType A, Hepatitis Type C, chronic and degenerative diseases.

Lothar Hirneise, recognized expert (Director of Leading Holistic Oncological group and president of Association People against cancer) classifies ProtokolCoD TM among the three most effective types of holistic cancer therapy in the world.

How to get to our products?

Upon request (by phone, e-mail) we readily provide price information, payment conditions and the delivery mode of ordered products.

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